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I'm going to go with infra-red satellites and drones
That's unacceptable. How is ASIO going to monitor you if you're not online?
Doubtful I'll be on tonight, Telstra failed at getting my new connection on time
Hi Gav. Thank you for that. Hope you are well :)
Hellos. Just come across these chaps giving away 125 beta keys for WoD, thought you guys might be interested. Cheers. [link]
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10th Anniversary Spectacular incoming!

  • Tarren Mill Vs Southshore PvP
  • Molten Core LFR - Core Hound Mount!
  • Molten Corgi Pet =^.^=

I am a little excited for this :)

The Midsummer Fire Festival is here.
Get into it if you still need any pets or achievements. It's easy gold and experience, too.

Stats update for WoD

Azazel tag posted Jun 5, 14
An update on new and re-worked stats for Warlords is out, and can be found here.

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