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Any of you kidlets checked out the Wildstar beta yet? Had a bash at it over the weekend. Decent.
Another one for the nerds - [link]
I enjoyed that more than I should have...
Thanks Bec. I love things that are for me! How did you know?
This one is for you Az - [link]

Merry Christmas everyone

Azazel tag posted Dec 24, 13
A very Merry Christmas to everyone who's been part of Escendia, past and present. This year's been a pleasure with such a wonderful group - here's to a great 2014 for everyone.

Hope Santa brings you all you wanted in your stockings :)


We're looking for one tank, ideally a plate-wearer, to join us. Raid times are Monday and Wednesday 8:30pm - 11:30pm AEST.

We're looking for someone who is mature, reliable, dedicated, with a cheeky smile.

If this is you or someone you know, please get in touch in game or apply here.

Thank you.
Update: This is now closed. Thank you.

Hi all

We're looking for one more healer to give us better coverage. A druid would be ideal, but an awesome person/player is more important than class.

If you know someone suitable, please encourage them to apply, or get in touch in game.


Patch 5.0.4

Manni posted Aug 25, 12
Bashiok has posted up a 5.0.4 Survival Guide that covers all the major changes we'll be seeing in the next patch that is being deployed this coming Tuesday. I'd recommend everyone acquainting themselves with the upcoming changes, else you will be thoroughly confused when you log on next week. Even though there's going to be a lot of changes, we're still planning to have a raid on Wednesday. So please do some reading on your class changes and have a bit of plan to how you are going to spec your raiding toon. Enjoy!

Mumble is up.

Manni posted Jul 21, 12
Our Mumble voice server is now online at If you don't already have the Mumble client installed, you can get a hold of the client at They even have a Macintosh version for the heathens. Happy chatting.

It's not easy being green.

Manni posted Jul 18, 12
Just to make it official; our little guild has sprung back to life and is making moves to become full-time awesome when Mists of Pandaria is released in the coming months. The original plan was to just wait until the release prior to reforming, although everyone was super keen and much of it has come together in a matter of days. The most significant change this time around is that we've traded the beautifully constructed surroundings of Stormwind, for the winding mess that is Orgrimmar.

It's great to see our old friends online again, even if they have turned a little greener than when we left them. There's still a lot of leg work to be completed to get us back to the glory days of yore, although everything will fall into place in due time. I'll post up some thoughts on the forums in the coming days to get some discussion going on how we should move forward. Until then, I'll keep working on finding my way from the Auction House to the Bank without having to refer to wikipedia.

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