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Local servers? What is this strange sorcery!
Happy CAPSLOCK DAY, from Angry Orc: [link]
I've put a post up on mmoc in the oceanic recruitment thread. Just fyi. :sick:
This is pretty entertaining. A selfie-obsessed Orcin Stormwind: [link]
Hi folks, I'm back and ready to get stuck in. I hope you're all enjoying things so far.
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Escendia is recruiting

Azazel tag posted Thu at 16:27
Hello friends

Escendia is gearing up for an exciting trip into the past! We'd love for you to join us and witness the majesty of Draenor before it was ravaged by climate change (97% of mages agree this is caused by Goblins).

We raided 10M in MoP. We're aiming for Mythic raiding in Warlords, but we'll be starting out on Heroic/Flex while we bolster our ranks.

We're an Australian guild of long-term WoW players. We strive to be a fun, safe and welcoming environment for all, and to be productive in raids without making it a second job.

Raid times are Mon/Wed raids at 8pm-11pm server. Times are subject to change based on needs/availability of the group, so feel free to get in touch for a conversation.

Our immediate needs are one tank and a couple of healers. However to round out the mythic group, we'll need a few warm bodies of all roles, so please get in touch.

How to apply?
Apply right here
Leave a comment below, or post in our public forum
Get in touch in game. Odds are fairly good you'll get someone friendly ;)
Send us twitter questions @escendia

We look forward to adventuring together. To Draenor!

10th Anniversary Spectacular incoming!

  • Tarren Mill Vs Southshore PvP
  • Molten Core LFR - Core Hound Mount!
  • Molten Corgi Pet =^.^=

I am a little excited for this :)

The Midsummer Fire Festival is here.
Get into it if you still need any pets or achievements. It's easy gold and experience, too.

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